Momotombo, the most illustrated volcano on a stamp of any country (but only by one country).

Partially (???) the result of the building of the Panama Canal.

Momotombo had erupted in 1902 when plans were in the works for placing canal through Nicaragua.

A mailing of Momotombo stamps to US senators and representatives convinced them that it was perhaps not a good idea.

The volcano had erupted in 1902 and erupted again in 1905, but ironically, has not erupted since.

It is not a particularly violent volcano, with most eruptions having VEI of 4 or less.

The stamps shown below are various airmail issues.

Extra information about the volcano can be found at Volcano World


The following stamp was issued July 10th, 1974

(courtesy Ed Benson)

The following stamp was issued November 30th, 1977

It celebrates Charles A. Lindbergh's solo transatlantic flight 50th Anniversary

Courtesy of Lisa Heiman

The following stamp was issued December 29th, 1978

(courtesy of Mark Yorty)

The next airmail stamp was issued in 1983

(courtesy of Ed Benson)

The next aerogramme was issued in 1986

(courtesy of Milenko Obilinovic)

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