Mount Pinatubo, Luzon Island, Philippines

Unlike the largest eruption of the twentieth century (at Katmai),

the second largest at Pinatubo was in a densely populated area.

However, constant monitoring and decisive predictions prevented a massive loss of life.

Over 100,000 people were evacuated before the climactic eruption of June 15th 1991.

Lahars continued to be a problem to local inhabitants more than 5 years after the event.

Numerous links to the eruption can be had at the Cascade Volcano Observatory site.

The stamps shown below were intended to provide relief to those affected by the eruption.

They were issued November 16th, 1992.

In greater detail, the first stamp below shows devastation caused by a lahar (mudflow)

The second stamp shows excavation of volcanic ash

The third stamp shows the volcano at the height of the eruption.

The fourth stamp shows cattle attempting to forage for food.

The fifth stamp shows a view of an evacuation camp

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