The stamp below is a view of the valley of Fautaua.

The designs were taken from sketches by Henry Lemasson.

Lemasson was postmaster of Papeete during two periods between 1896 and 1920,

and was responsible for the postal organization of Tahiti.

The Fautaua river drains the northwest flank of Mt Orohena the highest point on the island (2241m).

Tahiti Nui began to form 1.7 million years ago and terminated about 300,000 years ago.

The stamps illustrated below were issued in 1913.


The next pair of stamps were overprinted in 1926

As are the next stamps, overprinted 1924-27.

The next stamps are postage dues issued in 1929

Many thanks to Dave De Roo

The following image is of an aerial photograph issued in 1997 in booklet form

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